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  • 编辑:致远教育
  • 导读:本文分析的作品不是什么文艺复兴时期大师的传世之作,而是美国画家AntoineClaveau的一副风景画。这幅作品目前收藏于加州的奥克兰博物馆。画作描绘的是美国著名的Yosemite国家公园秋天的风景。在同类作品中Claveau的这幅画作是较为有名的,但是远没有达到妇孺皆知的地步。
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今天大家就来分享一篇艺术品分析的范文。本文分析的作品不是什么文艺复兴时期大师的传世之作,而是美国画家Antoine Claveau的一副风景画。这幅作品目前收藏于加州的奥克兰博物馆。画作描绘的是美国著名的Yosemite国家公园秋天的风景。在同类作品中Claveau的这幅画作是较为有名的,但是远没有达到妇孺皆知的地步。接下来,我就给大家讲解一篇结构完整的绘画作品分析类的essay。


Identification of Art Work

Title of work: Falls, Yosemite

Artist’s name: Antoine Claveau

Country of origin: American

Date: 1858

Dimensions: 90.8x 122.6 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Museum location: Oakland Museum

Falls Yosemite is created by the landscape and panoramic painter Antoine Claveau. This painting is part of the California landscape collection of the Oakland Museum. Painted in 1858, Falls Yosemite is one of the panoramas this artist created about Yosemite Valley. It is also the earliest-known oil painting of Yosemite Valley and one of Antoine Claveau’s signature works. 


This paper is going to conduct a visual and contextual analysis of this extraordinary artwork. The style of this painting and the form of Antoine Claveau, and more importantly the paper will try to explore how the artist uses this work to shape the historical and cultural environment at his age.


主题先容:Subject Matter

In the 1850s, Yosemite Valley’s ever-increasing popularity drew many artists to visit the place and look for inspirations. Many painters use pencils to capture the sublime images, while others record Yosemite’s beauty in oil on canvas. Antoine Claveau’s Falls Yosemite is one of them. In this large-sized landscape painting, Claveau tried to present the splendor of the tallest waterfall at Yosemite. 


That’s why this painting dedicated to portraying the size of the waterfall. On the contrary, figures presented in the painting were depicted as tiny players. Yosemite Falls can be seen in many places around the valley, the painter chose to present the view right in front of the waterfall. I believe he must have thought it is the best angle to demonstrate the scenery to the general public.

Antoine Claveau is famous for depicting painting of natural sceneries, landscapes, and panoramas. Around 1857 to 1859, Claveau was active in the San Francisco area and, during this period, he portrayed twelve panorama paintings. Most of them are landscapes, including two wonderful Yosemite paintings, Bridal Falls, and Falls Yosemite he created in 1858. 

The oiling painting Falls Yosemite captures the remarkable features of Yosemite’s best known waterfall. Despite the fact that this panorama depicts the wide view of Yosemite Valley and specifically the splendid waterfall, like many other painters, Claveau did not think it is necessary to record the natural view precisely. That is why all the other elements depicted in the painting serve as a foil to the waterfall.

视觉分析:Visual Analysis

This painting was finished before Yosemite became a popular tourist destination. As a realistic California oil painting, Falls Yosemite initiated an artistic trend to turn this national landscape intoan icon of nature in the U.S. The surface of the painting is relatively smooth and dense; the surface overlays the nature of the canvas which leaves a slightly textured under-painting effect. 

As for the artist’s brush stroke, by observing the painting we can notice his meticulous expression of the grandeur of this untainted wonder land. His brush strokes are hard to detect but Claveau was obsessed with details which can be explained by his resolution to find the divine in Yosemite. 

As a general audience, I find Claveau’s artwork incorporates natural scenery with undeniable drama which propels me to seek more though landscape paintings and in nature.

This large-scale painting organized the impressive 740 meters height of Yosemite Falls through a vertical composition. The artist also included three tiny tourists in the foreground and several more in the middle. This arrangement provides a human scale to the waterfall. 

However, the size of these figures seemed to be deliberately scaled down in this natural tableau to incarnate the magnificence of chunks of rocks and enormous sequoias. Like a typical landscape artwork, the mountain, the lake, the waterfall, trees, and visitors are arranged in a coherent composition. 

In order to restore the actual scenery of Yosemite Fall, Claveauorganized the entire waterfall into three levels: the upper fall, the middlecascades, and the lower fall.

Given the fact that Claveau had regular sketching trips to the Yosemite Valley, the painter must have observed the color, the light, and the shadow before he started to implement a visual translation. We may not sure about the exact season Claveau portrayed this monumental work, but based on the main hue we would be able to discern this panorama was created in late fall. 

The artist tried to perform a subtle beige hue across the sky. Moreover, as temperatures cool during the fall season, the painter depicted deciduous trees in the foreground of the painting as color of yellow or brown. The color of choice provided a picture that green fades and other pigments started to show. 

In general, this painting capturesthe characteristics of the season; with golden yellows were about to turn to dark brown on the canvas the sensations of the Yosemite Falls was successfully presented.

Masters suggests that artists can resort to ‘line’ to move around the viewers’ eye around an artwork. In this landscape painting, Claveau tried to balance the horizontal line with the vertical line. By combining these two types of lines, he created a harmonious mood that emphasized on the waterfall and the rest of the view was not affected as well. 

The wildness of West was successfully brought out. In Falls Yosemite, the painter tried to use the line of the remote hill and the skyline to imply the calm mood of the landscape. In order to highlight the magnificence of the waterfall, Claveau applied a bright light right on the top of the cascade. 

It almost created a halo effect over the waterfall. Although the main hue of this painting is relatively gloomy in the background, the use of luminous light rendered dramatic impression over the painting which would grab the attention of viewers.

情境分析:Contextual Analysis

Claveau is one of the first artists who take a deep interest of Yosemite Valley. This painting along with several other artworks unleashed the public’s interests of Yosemite’s dramatic artistic potential. Falls Yosemite was created in 1858, six years before Yosemite Valley under the protection of the state of California and became a national park. 

Under Antoine Claveau’s paint brush, Yosemite is more than just a place for the beautiful scene, it is more like a sanctuary to human foresight. Today, numerous people visit Yosemite National Park each year, it a place defined by the famous image such as deep valleys, grand mountains, giant sequoias, and more natural sceneries. 

Maybe not every visitor realized the fact before they entered Yosemite, their touring experience has already been partially formalized. Thanks to the abundant artworks, especially paintings, created by generations of artists, these artworks like Falls Yosemite help us construct a perceptual framework about this landscape. 

Decades of artistic works have led every tourist has its own interpretation about how Yosemite should look like. Although Claveau’s painting was portrayed over one hundred and fifty years ago, the painting can help modern society to better appreciate this geological wonder. 

Over a century ago, his panorama might attract more tourists to the Yosemite Valley. Nevertheless, from a contemporary perspective, his artwork can help us realize the delicate ecosystem of Yosemite and the damage posed by ever-growing visitors.

Personal Evaluation

Claveau’s work introduced the breath-taking scenery of Yosemite Valley to the ordinary audiences. I believe exceptional artists can be easily recognized by the way they blend color, the form they render composition or their unique brush strokes. Those are the qualities that make Falls Yosemite stands out among all the collectives displayed in the Oakland Museum. 

In addition, by carefully observing this monumental landscape painting helps me develop skills to analyze how landscape painters apply line, color and light to display the expressive meaning that they want to communicate with the general audience.



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